• CSAW CTF 2018 - Web Writeups


  • COMP6443 Web Apps Exam Writeup

    Hello friends. Here are writeups to all the solveable challenges for COMP6443 final exam. If you have questions. Ping @sy on slack.

  • 33c3 CTF 2016 - Web250 YOSO

    33c3 CTF just finished. And here’s the writeup for the highest point value challenge I could get. It wasn’t too complicated and as echoed by some of my team mates, I think the point values were a little unbalanced for this CTF. Nonetheless, the challenges were difficult and exciting. Thanks to the 33c3 CTF Team for hosting another great CTF.

  • Hack The Vote 2016 - Web300 Trump Watch!

    Trump Watch - 300
    I think we have found an alt-right hotspot, in this blog which covers Trumps operations. Our reports show that they have been attacked a few times, and had their databases dropped. They seem to have beefed up security, but the admin still probably has some access to some interesting details.
    Hint 1: Google is good at cracking hashes
    Hint 2: /database.sql
    No off the shelf automated tools are needed, try not to spam them or you will get banned
    author's irc nick: itszn
  • FCTF Winter Writeups!

    The Freelancer CTF hosted by UNSW Security Society and Freelancer is now over, and as such I’m open sourcing all the challenges so people can try them at home. There are also writeups here if you get stuck.